My Body Positive

"ditch the diet and change the way you think"

Learn how to deal with emotional eating, binge eating and disordered eating to find Food Freedom


Do you struggle with thoughts like these? 

photo of chocolates to help women eat with body confidence by mindful eating and positive body image workshops and coaching in Bristol

"I’m no longer on a roller coaster of restricting what I eat versus overeating. Recently, I ate pizza & chocolate, enjoying every minute of it without feeling remotely guilty! By listening to my body, eating the food & quantity I want, I feel & look healthier than I have in years!


- Jess

  • Why can’t I stop eating?

  • I just want to feel normal around food

  • Why am I doing this?

  • someone tell me what to do!

  • What’s wrong with me?

  • No one else has this problem

I used to! But not anymore....

Lisa of My Body Positive and a client in a Bristol coffee shop talking about ditching the      diet  and creating better food habits and  positive body image.

Lisa of My Body Positive and a client in a Bristol coffee shop talking about ditching the diet and creating better food habits and positive body image.

The Good News..

is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

I know that we are bombarded with messages that say we have to look a certain way to be happy but it's not true.

There is a REAL alternative to obsessing over food choices, your weight and your diet and it involves learning to think about things differently.  

Your relationship with food and yourself can change dramatically. No more guilt, no more self-loathing. Just trusting your body.

Because you can manage this yourself. 

Lisa of My Body Positive and a School Pupil eating cake during a ditch the diet mindful eating workshop in Bristol

"I've completely fallen in love with the idea of Mindful Eating! Your workshop has totally changed my mindset and the difference I've felt in my attitude to food is incredible, after only 2 days!

Today I had a sandwich and a packet of crisps for lunch without feeling like I shouldn't and it was LIBERATING!"

- Maisie

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If like me you have tried every diet going, felt out of control with your eating habits and often thought 'I've blown it today, I will restart my diet tomorrow' , then I would highly recommend Lisa's course.
Within a small relaxed group setting in Bristol, Lisa shared her vast knowledge on how to change our mindset around food, so that we can now live our life from an all food fits perspective and be in charge of making our own food choices.
I really enjoyed the 8 week journey with the group, sharing our experiences and helping one another with our own personal challenges. Lisa is so passionate about helping people be more body positive and finding food freedom. She openly shared her own struggles and could really empathise with us. Lisa provoked some fascinating group discussions, made us delve into why we do what we do and ultimately made me find pleasure in eating again, free from guilt and deprivation.

Thank you Lisa for all your help and support.

Amy from Bristol - Google Review