Do you crave a 'normal' relationship with food? You can have one!

The My Body Positive Online Group coaching course will help you:

  • Understand why you have ‘failed’ at dieting (clue: you haven’t!)

  • Stop feeling guilty around food and obsessing over your food choices

  • Learn to eat in a way that nourishes your body, using hunger and fullness as your guide

  • Find balance, peace and enjoyment around food

  • Change your mindset around exercise from one focused calorie burning to feeling good

  • Become more accepting of your body

  • Feel “like a weight has been lifted” from your shoulders (This is honestly what my clients say!)

    And it’s how I felt too, when I started to work on my thought processes around food/weight.

THIS IS how it works:

  • 8 pre-recorded video modules delivered week by week via my secret Facebook group…giving you the content and strategies to shift your mindset…..IT’S POWERFUL STUFF!

  • A weekly accompanying worksheet so you can do the work whilst watching the video (and afterwards too)

  • A weekly LIVE GROUP COACHING CALL open to course participants only where you can share discoveries, make connections and ask questions. This is recorded and posted in the online Facebook group for those who can’t attend live.

  • An exclusive secret Facebook group where you get daily access to me and your fellow participants.

This is not your average self paced, self study programme.

I am with you every step of the way because i want this to work for you.

Black and White Photo of Lisa during mindful eating and positive body image workshop in Bristol

"Wow! Everything Lisa says makes perfect sense. I’ve had so many AHA moments watching the videos and doing the journalling.” Francesca, Bristol.


“This has been a very enlightening journey on learning how to be gentler and kinder to myself and learn skills in how to eat intuitively…I already feel freer and lighter within myself.” Claire, Co Down, Northern Ireland.


“I have a much greater understanding of how I was using food to meet meeds it was never designed to meet. I am in a much better place to start meeting these needs properly and let food be food.” Kelly, Bristol.


“Understanding how and why food has been a ‘problem’ in my life has been incredibly eye opening. It’s time to feel good about food and more importantly about myself” Rhona, Bristol.

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startS Monday 25th march 2019

Course dates: Prerecorded video released every Monday starting 25th March with a weekly LIVE group coaching call, dates vary.

INVESTMENT only £149

Session five: Eating whatever you want! This is where we look at unlearning the diet rules and

embrace eating ALL FOODS. We go softly softly with this one, because it goes against everything we are told! You learn that food is to be enjoyed and that you’ll learn to eat a variety of food, for nutrition but also for enjoyment

Session six: The Process of Mindful Eating We look at lifestyle and HOW we eat our food. Are we multitasking? Do we focus at all on the act of eating? If we do, we are wasting our chance to ENJOY it! I take you through a mini meditation and show you how some focus will improve your eating experience.

Session seven: How to stop eating when you’ve had enough. This is something lots of people struggle with. I used to as well, but not anymore. I just listen to my body and in this session I teach you how!

Session eight: Putting it all together and getting on with your life NOW (not ‘when you’ve lost weight’) In our last session we remind ourselves of all we’ve learnt and reflect on where you are on your journey. This is different for everyone. Some people choose to continue working with me one to one and others decide to widen their knowledge base and continue the path independently. Whatever you decide, this is very powerful work and can free you from yo-yo dieting and towards Food Freedom.

Session one: Getting started! A chance to reflect on your relationship with food and dieting.

To learn the science behind why diets don’t work long term and what damage they do. And to start to understand how a change in mindset can be transformational in how you approach food and you relationship with yourself.

Session two: Delving Deeper! We look at the core principles behind the Health at Every Size approach® and how this can lead to health improvements without a focus on weight or weight loss. We look at practical strategies to help you identify hunger cues and patterns in your eating and you learn how to apply them to real life.

Session three: Understanding our hunger. We consider why we eat for reasons other than hunger, and learn how to deal with this- SPOILER ALERT-it’s NOT about self ‘control’ it’s the total opposite of that!

Session four: Meeting the need. We look a bit deeper at what is underneath our eating patterns and learn how to create new habits/behaviour change from a self compassionate place.

We work on reframing our relationship with exercise (or, moving that body of yours!) and see it as something to do for FUN, not for punishment.

Photo of Lisa during mindful eating and positive body image workshop in Bristol

These are a great opportunity to change your mindset around food by connecting with other women who feel like you do!

You may think it just you who struggles with food, whether you are always dieting, overeating or yo-yoing between the two!  In fact, there are LOTS of women out there with similar issues- you'll be amazed! 

It's very liberating when you realise you have a safe space in which to explore your issues and perspective on food and weight. It is often through this supportive environment that changes start to happen. 

find peace around food and get off the yo-yo diet cycle. 

This approach is for you if you are ready to stop dieting, or at least, explore an alternative!! So, 
-If you have been trying to diet but know they don't work for you
-If you've given up diets but can't stop overeating (this was me!)
-If you feel like you 'should' be on a diet, 
this could be the start of a whole new mindset. 

You don't need to be fearful of food, you can learn to listen to your body's hunger and fullness cues and become the expert in yourself. 

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