Will Mindful eating help me lose weight?


I am asked this question a lot and a significant amount of people start to work with me on that basis (I know this because they’ve told me afterwards!!) 

Many of us have a desire to lose weight

I should know, I’ve been there many times. And I do understand the desire. We think that being smaller will solve many of our problems, we could do more, be more confident. Feel happier and more comfortable in our bodies, be healthier. 

So, with our (understandable) desire to lose weight we embark on diets and then find ourselves in a cycle of dieting, losing weight and then regaining all the weight lost plus even more. We feel rubbish about ourselves for doing it and then start the whole damn thing all over again. Some people do this their entire lives. And it is exhausting. 

I know so many women who do this, not knowing there is another way that isn’t restriction or bingeing. But there is. It’s called intuitive, or mindful eating. It helps you find ‘freedom around food’. No counting points or ‘syns’, or weighing food or making sure you only have this food or that food. No obsessing, no guilt, no missing out on life. 

is mindful eating might feel too good to be true? 

We don’t trust what we don’t understand. More than that, we fear loss of control around food, particularly those of us who have been on the diet treadmill. If you have been there, you will probably have experienced that out of control feeling. I used to experience it every evening and it felt horrible. I couldn’t understand why I was overeating all the time it and I would beat myself up about it.

"I can't believe I ate all that. I'll start again tomorrow"

I would wake up with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

So, back to the question "Will mindful eating help me lose weight?" 

My honest answer is, it might lead to weight loss or it might not. 

I do know that keeping a weight loss focus isn’t helpful for my clients because it keeps them stuck in diet thinking and the feast or famine way of eating. 

Mindful eating (in it’s true sense) is weight NEUTRAL. A person may lose weight as a consequence of applying the concepts and strategies, but they might not. 

I’d like to clarify here, that I’m not AGAINST weight loss, it’s just the pursuit of weight loss that I struggle with- because I know it’s the pursuit of weight loss that causes all sorts of problems for people. 

My clients may come along, secretly hoping to lose weight but as time goes on, they learn how to eat in a way that nourishes and respects their body.

They start to appreciate a variety of nutritious food rather than constantly craving the ‘unhealthy’ stuff, they relax their food rules and start to enjoy all foods and eat in a more balanced, less polarised way (no more “I’ve been good today” versus “I’ve had a massive binge today”) and feeling rubbish as a result.

They start to treat themselves with self-compassion and kindness and as a result, eat less for emotional (or other) reasons. They discover they are happier, and that actually, wanting to lose weight becomes less of a 'thing'. 

If this resonates with you and you are READY TO LET GO OF DIETING and find Food Freedom, my holistic approach to food and eating, I work one to one with people worldwide and also run Bristol based workshops. 

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