Where to find wellies to fit ample calves!


These are my Christmas wellies, that were given to me a few weekends ago. Lush aren't they?! This is the first time I've been brave enough (or bothered enough?) to venture in to wellie territory since I was a girl.

I tried to borrow a pair from a relative once a couple of years ago and I couldn't get into them because my calves are quite well, large. So, since my embarrassing wellie borrowing incident, I have steered clear. Until recently. My Sister in Law asked what I wanted for Christmas. I realised I NEEDED wellies and sense told me, there MUST be wellies that will fit a sturdy calf. I can't be the only person with wide calves. Can I? I decided to face my fear and do it anyway.....

So, I did my research and the website said they had a 'generous fit', so I thought let's go for it. Sister In Law duly purchased said wellies and I tried them on and GUESS WHAT?! They were too snug around the calf, particularly on my left leg. Who knew that one leg would be bigger than the other? πŸ€£

I tell you this because what interested me the most, was that I didn't care! It was annoying, but I did NOT have these thoughts:

"Oh, my calves are too fat" "if only my calves were normal sized then I could get into wellies..." "I need to diet to get my calves thinner....." and other things I may well have thought a few years ago.

The size of my calves, do not affect my self esteem! Why should they? The fact is, wearing wellies that are too tight would be HIDEOUS and that wouldn't make me feel good. And it's the same with clothes. You can read one of my blogs about clothes shopping here: https://www.mybodypositive.co.uk/blogpage/one-size-fits-all

We are all built differently, and that's ok. Now, just need to return the wellies and find me a wellie manufacturer that WILL make wellies to fit me!! πŸ’•

And that was the end of my post! What I didn't expect was the HUGE response afterwards. Turns out, there are lots of people who have a similar issue with wellies! Who'd have thought it? 

What was really lovely, was that people were commenting with lots of ideas about where I could go to get some wellies and I thought it would be helpful if I put the places on here!  

So, here are some of the comments:

"I have the calf problem - it must be muscles because we are strong!! I get the lower height wellies, can't be without wellies!" 

"I have the opposite problem.... I am quite little with feet quite big for my body so my legs rattle around in boots that come up too high πŸ˜‚"

"I have the same problem and so cut a slit at the back, with a hole on each flap and added a ribbon to tie across the back. I can’t wade in knee deep puddles, but they look cool and fit."

So, many people have big calves and others have small calves. So wellie issues are not just a 'thing' for larger people. Of course they aren't!! I'm spelling this out because know that this may not have occurred to you!

These could be the ones....!

These could be the ones....!

Some people kindly posted places for me to try: 

-https://www.amazon.co.uk for Oxbridge-Waterproof-Neoprene-Wellington-

-there is a shop in Bath called duo, https://duoboots.com and they sell boots by foot and calf size. When you go in they measure your calf and only bring you boots that will do up. Seems revolutionary but it just highlights how ridiculous most boots are in expecting every woman with a size 7 foot to have the same size calf!! There are other places online as well where you can buy custom made knee high boots - specifically calf height and width. Really good if you are tall and regular boots come up too short below the knee or vice-versa. https://www.thebootmakers.com/

Tammy said "I got Christmas Wellies from Joules care of my mother and they have adjustable backs around the calf area with a strap to expand or contract the wellie size - far more sensible!"

Lisa L: "I have big calves, I’m managed to get a black pair that fit from Asda! πŸ™ŒπŸ» xx"

Michelle suggested I try https://thewidewellycompany.co.uk/product/extra-wide-calf-grey-with-cream-spots-welly

Karen said to try 'muckbootcompany' - "they have all sorts - many with neoprene stretchy tops. Expensive but mine have lasted dog walking and glasto for the last 3 years."

Ann suggested http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/wellies/boots/footwear/

What an awesome response. It really got me thinking. Firstly, that for the thing you find problematic (in this case wellie sizing) and probably feel like it's JUST YOU, many other women go through the same thing. It's the same with clothes sizing. We think we are wrong when clothes don't fit but actually they are made to a standard size and the people who to feel angry with there are the clothes manufacturers (not ourselves). 

Secondly, there is a way around things! previously I've tended to give up when faced with this kind of issue, but it turns out there are options available if you look hard enough and if you ask your friends! 

I must admit and say that I have not yet tired any more, but my birthday is fast approaching, so you never know!! xx 

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