Wellbeing wake up call!


on monday we held our Wellbeing event at Stoke Lodge, in a leafy part of Bristol! 

I expected the day to be an interesting and fun collaboration but what I didn’t expect, was the effect the day had on me!!

I’ve been doing a lot of worrying lately.

Worrying that my business won’t make enough money to become viable going forward.... and to be honest, the entrepreneurial journey is SO much harder than I expected.... I thought that people would be knocking my door down, desperate for the help (because I was 😉....so presumed that there must be other people out there who need it*)  

So, back to worry. Worry made my life smaller again, having found such joy and liberation when I freed myself from diet thinking. A week ago I was struggling to sleep, because I was so churned up about everything (not my Body Image or food! Just everything else!) And when sleep becomes an issue it affects your mental health....

And also,

I’ve been battling with a very real desire to change the world....

What I mean is,

  • help people STOP dieting and to learn to eat intuitively (or mindfully) being the expert in themselves
  • help people of ALL body shapes be accepted and not discriminated against
  • change our language from an 'obesity' focus to a 'Health at Every Size' focus, valuing ALL people
  • provide healthcare for people in larger bodies that values them as people, not just looking at their symptoms and making them feel bad about themselves 
  • change the NHS offering of referral to slimming clubs, to one that focuses on a weight neutral (ie not weight loss centric) approach as I KNOW it would transform the health of our nation 
  • banish diet culture or go a long way to reducing it..... 

All of which may or may not be achievable, given time, but I need to learn to deal with the emotions this work raises in me. 

Passion is a good thing, I want to feel the fire in my belly, because it means I CARE. And I REALLY do. But, I need to be able to channel the passion rather than it manifesting as internal conflict. No doubt the wellness people reading this will be like “uh huh!”  😉

So, what I’m getting around to, is the effect yesterday had on me. ME, the Mindful Eating and Body Image Coach!

I sat there, as a ‘presenter’ feeling a little bit nervous about my slot...not particularly expecting to have ‘eureka’ moments to be honest. I was third on the line up, so had time to relax and soak up the first two sessions.

Amy Johns started with some hypnotherapy and told us about how the brain works. I sat there nodding in agreement and then she reminded me of something I KNEW, but had totally forgotten about.

“Our brains don’t know the difference between our thoughts & actual events.”

So if we worry about things, or ruminate over things, our brain thinks it is actually happening, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

OMG, I thought, my brain thinks my business has failed about 100 times!!! 😲 No wonder I’ve been feeling low and a bit stressed out. Boom!! 💥

Frances, doing her thing! Photo credit to Little Pickles Photography.

Frances, doing her thing! Photo credit to Little Pickles Photography.

Frances Butt was on next and had me guffawing with laughter (she has that effect on me!) and the results of her Alexander technique teachings were nothing short of remarkable. She ran a practical slot where she put her hands on us and everyone felt a change after Frances had done her magic! It was almost uncanny. 

Then came my slot. I gabbled a bit! My nerves then disappeared and I was lost in how fascinating this work is.

Women shared how they felt about their bodies, they had all (except one person) been on diets in the past and I explained the research that proves how fruitless it is!! We talked about how body acceptance & mindful eating can be transformational in resolving issues with food because you look at the WHY. If you don't look at the WHY you can't figure this stuff out.

Justyna Jelinek ran her session straight after mine and whilst I was breathing a little sigh of relief (!) she reminded me about self care and how it isn't selfish, it's a necessity. I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but during her session,

I realised, I’ve forgotten to look after myself!

I’ve been so busy stressing about making my business work and the finances behind it, I’ve forgotten to "find joy in every day" and, as my husband will testify, I’ve been a bit disconnected from most other things in my life....note to self.....

And we finished up with the fabulous, fun, floral, Becky Barnes 😊. Becky is a Global Ambassador for Body Image Movement like me, and we both want women to feel good about themselves. Becky does this through clothes styling and image consultancy by helping women dress to show their authentic selves....and she's amazing and super funny as well as extremely good at what she does. 

We all felt it went really well, but there was something bigger going on. There was a real connection between us all and the ladies in the audience. We’d laughed, learnt and been on a Wellbeing journey really. All of us.

So, last night, before I went to sleep I remembered to think about gratitude, I've made a conscious decision to STOP worrying and today I went for a run- in the shade, because it was boiling hot, instead of prioritising my endless (!) to do list.

You see, we can carry on as we are, feeling pretty rubbish, falling back into old negative thinking patterns (me included!) ignoring the big things, by over eating or over drinking or we can choose to do something about it. 

This was my Wellbeing wake up call

And I for one, am going to get back on the feel good train!!

How about you? 💕xx 

* I still DO think there are loads of people out there who need it BTW, but I need to find them! 

I am a Mindful Eating and Body Image coach and offer Bristol based workshops and 1-2-1 coaching in person in Bristol (and anywhere else, via Zoom) 

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