Podcast episode 4. Claire & Lisa try a new exercise class!


Welcome to Episode 4 of the yet to be properly named, 'Claire & Lisa show'!

Claire, today at IWD!  

Claire, today at IWD!  

My friend Claire and I love to talk about all things nutrition, exercise, body positivity and food related and we have such fun, we thought we'd let you in on it! 

This episode is us chatting about an exercise class I dragged her along to a couple of weeks ago.

Find out about our thoughts on exercise..... 

Why we only do it for the FEEL GOOD!

And what Cat, the Instructor said to me after my first go at boxing!

And lots of other pearls of wisdom too!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! 

Also, any ideas for a name for our Podcast please, as we NEED SOME IDEAS?! TIA  xx