Podcast Episode 1


I’ve only gone and recorded my FIRST EVER Pod cast!!

Yes, you are reading correctly! I have ventured into unchartered territory and have had a bash at creating my own podcast along with my friend Claire.

The inspiration for this came when I was at the gym one day on the cross trainer when I started listening to a podcast to pass the time (!) and I remember thinking how amateur it sounded, like the interviewer was on the phone (which she probably was!) 

And my brain went: ‘Claire and I could do this and it would be a lot more entertaining!’ To explain, Claire is a friend of mine who is a nutritionist- you’ll see why that surprises me in the podcast! And we get on like a house on fire! When I met Claire for the first time, we talked for hours and time FLEW by, such that I was nearly late for school pick up duties! I couldn’t believe how we think the same things about life, our bodies, food and not dieting (ever again!) and we can chat for England! 

We are kind of kindred spirits as my mother would say. So, whilst listening to the podcast in the gym, I realised that if Claire and I were chatting about things, it might be fun for others to listen to. In my opinion anyway!!

So, here it is, our first attempt! Have a listen and let us know what you think. Send us some questions for next time if you like and we will do our best to answer them!!

With love from Lisa xx 

PS If you’d like to check out her website you can do here: She’s really funny (and ace!)