So this was me, yesterday sitting by the pool in my FIRST EVER BIKINI! Which is a weird one in itself because I have never even really wanted to buy one as I just thought it wasn't really an option for 'someone like me'. 

However, I did venture to a few shops pre holiday, to quietly look for one that might be suitable...with pretty low expectations.... because usually it's not that easy finding my size in clothes, let alone bikinis! And I found a couple, which I duly tried on at home and didn't like the look of. Did I feel rubbish about myself because of how they looked? No! Did I think they just didn't suit me? Yes! 

Then, having given up on my bikini idea. I popped into Fat Face and saw more bikinis, in my size (!) one strappy one with no 'support' and one 'for the fuller bust'- that's me I thought! So I bought one to try on (at home, of course!) And this is the one I wore yesterday 😊. 

I put it on, expecting a fanfare from my husband, which didn't come (he couldn't see what the big deal was!) and my eldest said "don't you feel self conscious Mum?" to which I replied, "No darling, just liberated!" 

It did feel strange, walking around with my tummy on show, but not dreadful. And it was really nice to feel the breeze on my skin in the same way it's lovely to bare your arms & legs (you'll know what I mean if you are someone who has not dared to do this and then when you do, it feels delicious!) and I felt chuffed with myself. For daring to do something I've never done before! When I think of the YEARS I spent worrying about how I look around a pool and it turns out no one gives a s**t!!