Mindful Eating…not just sucking a raisin!


It’s been a hectic few weeks... 

Getting the children back to school and happy at school on top of running my business! At the weekend, my husband took them out for the day so I could do a few things on my own. Phew!

I prioritised running first, always good for the soul! After that, I ventured to an out of town shopping centre to return unwanted items. Exciting, eh?! 

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I got to the mall quite late and thought about nipping to one shop first, to get ‘one job done’, then realised I was already hungry, so why wait? I took myself out for lunch i.e. bought myself a sandwich. I chose the one that spoke to me (not literally), the one I was drawn to, not the one I usually have! 

Normally, I order a cappuccino out of habit, but I paused and remembered that if I ordered it WITH lunch it would end up going cold so I wouldn’t enjoy it the same. I decided to wait and see if I still wanted one afterwards. 

I also ordered crisps (shock!). 

One of the foundations of Mindful Eating is, you allow yourself to eat what you want, so if it’s crisps I want, I have them! I don’t feel bad about it because crisps have their place and I don’t need to feel guilty, in fact, feeling guilty is the worst thing to do because that can lead to overeating, driving the cycle that says: “I better eat it all now because I won’t be having it tomorrow”. In the end, I left the packet half eaten, because realised I'd had enough. 

I had ALSO ordered 2 pecan slices to take home (one for me & one for my husband) because I LOVE pecan slices -  they remind us of when we were 'dating' and hadn’t had the children yet (approx. 1 million years ago!) I know from experience that I could find room for it and eat it after my sandwich but wouldn’t enjoy it in the same way because I wouldn’t be as hungry. So, what’s the point? Better to wait until I REALLY want it, then it tastes so much better!

So you see, this is Mindful Eating in action. It’s not about controlling my cravings, and it’s not just sucking a raisin! It’s using a structured approach called the 'Am I Hungry?' Programme to help my decision making. There's no "I can't have this" or, "I'm not allowed that", all I need is myself as my guide. 

It becomes instinctive once you get the hang of it. If it sounds laborious, it isn’t. It takes practice to learn to reconnect with your body and to unlearn all the diet thinking we’ve accepted, without realising. Once you make the connection and learn to think in a different way it opens up a whole new world!  

And if you are wondering, I never did have that cappuccino – my body told me I didn’t need it!

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