“I help women find peace around food, weight and body image WITHOUT dieting”

One of the reasons I like to blog, is to make sense of what I’m feeling. I find it quite cathartic in a way, to put my thoughts on paper and get them out of my head. Possibly not the best of business strategies (!) but I like to be real…..

So this is one of those. 

It’s about lots of things. What I do, why I do it, and why it feels frustrating at times!! 

Let me ask you a question.

Do people know what I do? Apart from writing the odd Facebook post? 🤣

It’s easy to assume that people do, but maybe they think this is a hobby for me whilst I do my regular day job…. Nope. This is my regular day job!

I started My Body Positive in January 2017 only two years ago, (long story) and I did this because I had a really strong feeling that THIS was SO needed in the world.

I *knew* it was.

It was something I’d needed my whole life,

because if I’d known then what I know now, I would have been spared years of dieting and years of wishing my body was different.

YEARS of thinking I’d ‘start my diet again tomorrow’ and years of feeling like I’d failed. 

Back in 2017, this work wasn’t out there in the public consciousness, at least not in the UK. I knew it was popular in America and I felt strongly that it needed to be here too.

I guess I should explain what I mean by ‘this work’….

Initially, I trained to facilitate a Mindful Eating programme called Am I Hungry®, the focus was on helping people improve their relationship with food.

This in itself BLEW MY MIND and transformed my relationship with food. I was amazed and had numerous eureka moments. Ones where I realised:

  • I’d been compulsively overeating to (try to) manage emotions

  • that I could learn how to do things differently (sometimes)

  • that I had a choice.

Up until then I’d felt compelled to overeat foods I thought were ‘bad’ and as a consequence felt utterly powerless and out of control.

As my knowledge grew, and I learned about Health at Every Size®, Fat Politics and weight stigma, I realised that the bigger picture was in fact, diet culture and my subconscious internalisation of the concept that my body was wrong and that I ‘should’ be smaller. Because smaller bodies are better and once attained, they bring success and happiness- or so I thought! 

 And whilst all this was going on I found out about the Body Image documentary ‘Embrace’ and Body Image Movement. I became one of their ‘Global Ambassadors’ and I was overwhelmed when I understood that all this fits together. That we don’t develop a messed up relationship with food on our own, that it is also down to diet culture and the society in which we live and the messages that we see ALL THE TIME

So, I know what a massive piece of work this is and I struggle to sum it up in a tidy package because ‘the work’ is different for everyone.

Sometimes I think about ‘niche-ing’, so that I can be more clear on my services, but some people will need help with their relationship with food and others will need more body acceptance and most of us need a bit (or a lot) of both. 

Told you it was a thoughtful blog!! 😉

Since the inception of My Body Positive, the Body Positivity world seems to have exploded, with celebrities rallying behind the messages that

‘all bodies are good bodies’

‘we are worth more than the numbers on a scale’, and that

‘our weight doesn’t define us’.

This feels great because it makes the message louder and in my opinion, the more people shouting about this the better. 🙌

But, where do I (and my business) fit in with all of this? 

I’m not a celebrity, I’m not an instagram influencer, nor do I want to be overly political and ride the wave of being ‘out there’ and edgy. I’m not writing a PhD and I’m not a nutritionist either. I’m a woman who has always worked FOR women. I was a Midwife before I became self employed. The word Midwife means “with woman”. I changed careers because this work felt SO IMPORTANT and SO NEEDED. And I feel very deeply the wrongness of how we’ve been made to feel. 

I do this work because I want to help women out of this cycle. To help them understand they don’t need to feel like I felt for so long and that there is an alternative to diet-binge-diet that isn’t about “giving up.”

Recently a friend of mine suggested,

“maybe people just aren’t that bothered.”

So I’ve been considering whether my initial thoughts were flawed. What feels important to me, may not be for others. 

Yet, I know these women are there out there and I’m sure they MUST be bothered- because the place I described earlier is NOT FUN.

And I think they would be bothered if they realised there was a way to deal with food that isn’t bingeing, yo-yo dieting or overeating.

I say this, because at the moment in our society, having disordered eating is seen as NORMAL. That is what diets are, and ‘lifestyle changes’ that involve us having to cut out entire food groups and exacerbate guilt, angst and shame around food choices. 

So, back to my initial question….

Do people know what I do?

I hope so!! But if you don’t,

“I help women find peace around food, weight and body image without dieting.” 

This can mean women who overeat, binge eat, yo-yo diet, or are constantly on a diet but want to feel ‘normal’ around food.

Because it IS possible. More possible than you may think.

And this work is for women of all shapes and sizes.

I do this by offering 


So if you didn’t know, now you do!!!

Question is, are you ready to do something about it? xx