Podcast Episode 2. How to enjoy Christmas Day eating without feeling guilty……


Sometimes, you meet people you instantly click with and this was what happened when I met Claire Stone.

She’s an awesome woman, bubbly, funny with a heart of gold, oh, and she’s also a nutritionist. 

When we met we talked for England (!) about chocolate, body image, swimming costumes, children and dieting, or to be more accurate, the futility of dieting. 

More recently, I had a light bulb moment, where I realised we should both do a podcast together!! I messaged her and the deal was done!

This is our second one and it’s about our thoughts on Christmas eating and its only 10 minutes this time so you won't be nodding off!! 

What I LOVE about the Podcast thing is that it's like it's us having a chat and amusing ourselves, I think it comes across.

Have listen and let us know! 

And, just for a treat, I thought I’d share one of Claire’s blogs with you. It's not festive- so a welcome relief perhaps (!) - it's about why you should NEVER put your kid on a diet and it brought up a whole load of memories for me this morning. So, I’m sharing it with you.

Hope that’s ok Claire! xx