How to enjoy food (guilt free), over Christmas


A friend of mine posted something on instagram the other day about how she was struggling with endless Christmas parties and a constant supply of Christmas treats.

The post was about ‘limiting the damage’ by exercising and it took me back to the Christmases of long ago, where I was fearful about what food would be available over the festive period. 

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to control myself around Christmas ‘treats’ and thinking about it, I was correct because Christmas was the time I would really let myself GO FOR IT! 

On reflection, Christmas seems to be the only time that we are actually encouraged to overeat. It’s almost expected. This is because, at Christmas, people think they deserve to have what they want- rather than constantly resist those urges- so, we give ourselves permission to REALLY eat WHATEVER we want.

Then we eat way more than our bodies need and WE feel bad AS A RESULT! 


We do this because the rest of the time, we tell ourselves we aren’t allowed to have cake, crisps and chocolate- so we think, ‘let’s DO THIS’ and eat EVERYTHING. The trouble with this approach is, we can’t really enjoy it if it’s eaten on an already full stomach! If we eat much more than our body needs, we FEEL BAD, physically I mean- because the extra food distends our stomach and our other organs are displaced!! I know it sounds horrible, but it’s true! 

My take on this is SO different now. Christmas doesn’t fill me with any food angst WHATSOEVER! This is because I’m done with diet culture and I eat Mindfully (most of the time). This means I have whatever I want WHEN I want it. No food is off limits. Nothing! So, if I want a mince pie, I have a mince pie and better still, I don’t have to wait until Christmas!

I listen to what my body wants, eat it and stop when I’ve had enough- and because I give myself permission to eat it, I don’t feel bad and I can enjoy whatever it is. This means I have no need to polish off the whole packet -why would I? I can have another one whenever I want it. This is an important mindset shift and can help transform your eating habits.

So, bear this in mind at Christmas time. You don’t need to put everything in your mouth on just the one day because those foods are always available.

Make sense?! 

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