Eat Cake for Breakfast!!


Recently, a few people have questioned my use of images- specifically the ones that talk about eating cake for breakfast!

They are concerned you see, that by posting images like this I am sending the wrong message. 

“It looks like you are promoting unhealthy eating” they say, "Surely you don’t mean they can eat cake for breakfast?!" 

Except, that is what I mean!! 

What I’m doing when I post my pictures is, saying it’s ok to eat what your body WANTS to eat.

I don’t mean eat cake ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, because you would feel rubbish if you did.

You’d feel rubbish physically, let alone mentally. 

So when I say, eat cake for breakfast what I mean is, listen to what you actually feel like eating.

MBP - At home - Tools 007.jpg

Trust your body....

and listen to what it needs-Not what you think you ‘should’ eat.

If you eat what you want, and let yourself ENJOY it with no guilt, then food is more satisfying. Cake doesn’t need to be a dirty little secret that you eat in private when no one is looking! And you don’t need to hide the evidence either! 

Bear in mind, we are conditioned to feel bad about ourselves- for our weight, the way we look and for the food we eat. We eat things we think we shouldn't eat and we then feel bad. Who knows the "Why did I do that?!" feeling after indulging in some of your favourite , 'forbidden' food? 

you can lose the guilt around your food choices, by eating mindfully.

Then, after a while you start to WANT food that is nutritious. Yes, sometimes you’ll want non nutritious food just for fun and that's OK. 

Because, if you don’t feel guilty about eating it, and you know it’s there whenever you want it, you’ll have no need to overeat it.

This is what I mean when I talk about ‘Food Freedom’. No restriction, no control or willpower required, just awareness and self compassion. Sound good? 

Anyway, I don’t know about you but I see enough photos of smashed avocado on a bed of quinoa on my feed. Someone's got to redress the balance!! 😉 xx

I run workshops to help women out of the yo-yo diet cycle and this is the kind of thing we chat about!

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