The difference between the mindful eating approach and dieting


Last week I had the pleasure of holding a mindful eating talk for some members of the federation of holistic therapists in hereford.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up at the venue, to see a slimming group taking place at the SAME TIME and SAME PLACE as mine! I chuckled to myself at the irony, because our approaches to the same 'problem' could not be more different.

There was a sign up that said "This way to weigh and pay!" The irony of that hit me in the gut and made me reflect on our different methodologies. 

Slimming clubs work from the premise that food intake must be controlled. It is measured and counted and you have to add up syns or points to 'keep you on track'. The whole focus is on weight loss. And studies show, it doesn't work because 95% of people who 'lose' put all the weight back on. And gain even more weight. It’s based on fear. Fear of weight gain, fear of fat, fear of food.

My approach is based on helping women learn to become the experts in themselves.

It's holistic, because it focuses on the whole person, what drives them, what is causing them to eat in a way they don't like. It deals with what is going on UNDERNEATH. It helps them re-learn how to listen to their hunger cues, how to know when they've had enough and we un-learn a whole lot of diet thinking. It is not weight focused and yields huge health benefits. Self esteem increases, eating behaviour normalises, confidence improves, people say “It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

If this interests you and you are ready to learn a new approach to sorting out your angst around food/weight/body image, my next Bristol based face to face workshops start on 15th October from 7-9pm and run for 8 consecutive Monday evenings. If you want to save £50, the EARLY BIRD price expires on Monday 24th September….

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