I heard a fat 'joke' at the school Christmas play...


I went to my daughter's school Christmas play earlier this month.

They performed an abridged medley of four Fairy tales and I was shocked to hear a 'joke' about a fat person in one of them. I realise it was supposed to be lighthearted and amusing and maybe I’m taking it too seriously, but the comment was there nonetheless. 

I sat there and squirmed-because I pick up on these things, but others didn’t seem to. It’s as if people think it’s ok to find fat people funny, it’s an accepted part of our culture.

Looking back, I can recall occasions when my middle daughter told me, people in her class were teasing a boy because of his size and the other week I heard my son call his sister a “fat idiot”. I couldn’t believe my ears. At first I was furious and then I realised that he’s heard someone else saying this somewhere. Hideous. I had to talk to him about this whilst not making a massive deal of it at the same time, because if I had he’d probably say it again on purpose! 

It saddens me that our children are growing up in a culture where people are ridiculed because of their size.

Actually, it makes me furious. Knowing from personal experience, how bad most people feel who are ‘of size’ I hate to think that that this is made worse by the way they are treated. 

We need to stop judging people and giving well meaning advice because people who are unhappy being overweight (because not everyone is unhappy with it) aren’t that way due to a lifestyle choice. It’s about so much more than that. It's actually pretty complex when you start peeling back the layers. Many people eat for all types of reasons-not just hunger and this is why I want to throw something at my TV when I turn on programmes about 'fat people' that (they say) NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT and then they are given a calorie controlled diet etc without addressing WHY they are eating that way in the first place.

Also, whilst I'm having a rant, the notion that being fat is something that can be easily remedied is also NOT TRUE. It’s not as simple as calories in minus calories out = a culturally acceptable weight. There’s more to this one as well. If you think about it if I ate the same amount of food as you for 6 months, dear reader, would we be the same size? I doubt it. There are more things at play you see. But I know one thing for sure, if you heap shame on a person because of their size, all that does is hurts them and probably reinforces their unhelpful eating behaviour.  It says so much more about the person hurling the insult than it does the person it's directed at. 

My plea for the rest of society is: How about we accept people as they are?

Let's stop judging and commenting. Stop the whispers, stop the snide remarks, just STOP it. We are all different, let's Embrace our differences and support each other. 

If we did this, our cultural obsession on 'thin-ness' could start to shift and people could start looking after ourselves because they want to rather than because they feel like failures. 

What do you think? x