Are you ready?


I am SO looking forward to January!! It's because I cannot what to get started on my workshops again! 

I've had a break since my last group graduated because I made a conscious decision to reflect and build on what I've learnt this year. I KNOW, that to resolve our relationship with food and dieting, we need to experience a shift in HOW WE SEE OUR BODIES as well and therefore I've been writing my own, bespoke workshops.

This has not been an easy thing for me to do- it’s been super painful at times- because it's put me in a place of self-doubt and fear. And I couldn't even go running because of my achilles injury!

Anyhow, what I'm trying to get to is that I got so wound up about creating these amazing workshops because I NEED to get this right. It's a core, deep, fundamental, passionate NEED. It's my TRUTH, if that makes sense.

I sat at my computer screen for days, I'm not kidding. DAYS. I cancelled my networking lunches and my coffees with friends because I felt I HAD TO GET THEM WRITTEN and the only way to do this was to bloody well sit there and do it. So I did. Well, I sat there anyway. But it wasn't working and I was getting increasingly frustrated.

And then it hit me, I needed to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

MBP - Lisa portrait 014.jpg

A friend had mentioned someone who helps people write workshops and I realise I needed her help. So, I messaged her and was sitting at her kitchen table THE VERY NEXT DAY. 

I told her all about my content and how this works and she was blown away (which was rather awesome!) She took me back to basics and helped me see things differently. It wasn't that I lacked the knowledge (because it's there in spades), it was about how to apply what I know and make it work in a workshop format. My block went away and now I am equipped and ready to DO THIS!! Just by trying something different.

Sitting here, writing this now, I am struck by the parallels between what's been going on for me and what could be going on for you.

If you are stuck in an unhappy place with your relationship with food, if you don't like what you are doing and are ready to let go of dieting, or yo-yo dieting, or thinking you 'should be dieting' then why not try A DIFFERENT APPROACH? 

My next BESPOKE Group workshops start on January 18th.