“But I need to lose weight ...”


This is something I hear a lot

I hear it from ladies who have come along to my ‘Taster’ sessions and also from ladies who are participating on my 8 week course. I also hear it all the time out and about, when dropping the children off at school, from friends, from family even. Lets face it, the desire to lose weight is EVERYWHERE in magazines and on social media. One of my clients said that she feels uncomfortable in her skin, that she feels chunky, that her clothes are too tight. And I understand that feeling, I really do, because that was me.

What if I said to you that it is your desire for weight loss that keeps you stuck?  

The fact that you WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT sends you towards the biscuit tin, or the food you are trying to avoid. The more you try to restrict what you are eating, or deny yourself the things you really like to eat, the more your body is going to crave them.

I keep hearing an advert for a slimming club on the radio.

One has the strap line ‘live happy’ which, to be honest, makes me cringe every time I hear it and this is because I know following this path does NOT make you happy. Yes, I acknowledge you may feel happy whilst you are losing weight (the thrill of ‘perceived’ achievement) but are you happy when you are measuring food, and counting points/syns and constantly tracking your progress? 

Are you happy when the weight comes back on AGAIN, and you feel guilty for eating the foods your plan says you 'shouldn't?'  I don't think so. 

Another slimming club advert promises you “can eat anything!” and then mentions zapping something so you can see how many points it has. Hmpf.

How about the one that says : ‘now I’ve lost 4 stone I can look for Mr Right.’

So are we saying then, that if we are not a certain size we can't find love? We aren’t worth it? We can't do the things other ‘thinner’ people do? Is that not BS? Are we really going to accept the idea that we can only live our lives when we are a certain size or shape?! 

let me tell you a secret:

  1. Weight loss programmes DO NOT WORK- they do not create lasting change for most people. If they did work, you would only need to go once, lose the weight and then carry on with your new super-duper life! And please don't think that it’s you that’s failing when you put back on the weight you’ve lost (and more) its the diet industry that is selling you the lies that is failing.
  2. Weight loss programmes are counterproductive-when you lose weight intentionally, by restricting what you eat your body works against it. Your metabolism goes down, your body tries to maintain fat stores, food cravings go up, preoccupation with food increases as does bingeing eating behaviours. So your body works against intentional weight loss. 
  3. A focus on weight loss (as opposed to wellness) can be harmful, leading to yo-yo dieting (not good for ones body), disordered eating and eating disorders.


Positive change cannot come from a place of pain, or self admonishment- basically feeling bad about yourself. 

So to all you ladies (and men) who are feeling they ‘have to do something’, because you are putting on weight and you feel awful about it, think hard.

Look at this objectively if you can.

Has dieting helped you in the past?

Have you been battling with this for years (as I used to)?

Please let go of the need to diet because IT WON’T WORK.

You know the saying ‘trying to do the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is madness’, well, try something new.

UNLEARNING DIET THINKING & Eating Mindfully has helped me to regain trust in my body.

I no longer need to be told what I can and can't eat, or measure portions and add up points. I listen to whether I’m hungry or not, eat whatever I want, notice when I've had enough, eat with attention, exercise because it feels good. I’m not saying I do this perfectly all the time-I don’t need to and perfection is not my expectation. I sometimes still eat when I’m stressed/bored/angry too but I have a choice and it's MY choice. It’s honestly as simple as that.

If this resonates with you and you are READY TO LET GO OF DIETING and to try my holistic approach to food and eating, I work one to one with people worldwide and also run Bristol based workshops. 

My next workshops start on 6th September from 7-9pm and run for 8 consecutive Thursday evenings. Ready to change your life? Then get in touch ☺️ xx