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I’m Lisa

I’m on a mission to help women stop dieting


My Story

Photo of Lisa Beasley Body Image Movement Global Ambassador helping women to ditch the diet in Bristol

Where to start?

I spent YEARS feeling uncomfortable in my body. Since my early school days I was insecure and felt ‘too fat’ and therefore unworthy. I felt like I didn’t fit in with the cool kids and thought that when I lost weight things would be different. So, I went on numerous diets, I lost lots of weight and afterwards I put all the weight back on again plus more! 

I have a photo of me in my school uniform when I was thin, and I remember thinking that despite being thinner, all my problems were still there. I also remember fainting in the toilets because I wasn’t eating enough.  

I pursued thin-ness for many years, tried various diets, fads and slimming clubs to ‘get fixed’. For years, I was ashamed at my inability to control my eating because once I had stopped yo-yo dieting I just ate. I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted but couldn’t understand why I could only stop eating when the packet was empty. How come my husband could have ‘just a taste’ and I needed the whole packet?! 

Then there was the example I was setting for my children….

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Here's how I can help you to feel good about your body and your food.