Do you long to feel 'normal' around food?

Are you sick of feeling like food is the one thing you can't get under control? 

Clients come to me for One to One Coaching because they are fed up with feeling unhappy with their relationship with food and they want some personal coaching in order to deal with their issues for good. One to One coaching offers a REAL opportunity to get your food and body image issues sorted out once and for all.

Yes, it's something you have to really commit to. It's not a QUICK FIX, because it's a process. It takes time to unlearn diet thinking and to be gently and supportively challenged so you can make the connections for yourself. It's also FUN! It's fun to turn what you think you know on it's head so you experience your relationship with food differently and ultimately, it's TOTALLY LIBERATING! 

Imagine being able to understand your body, what it needs to function well and to be able to eat what you want, WITHOUT feeling guilty or like you've failed. 

  • Release diet thinking forever and working with self compassion and acceptance

  • Understand how to listen to your body's hunger and fullness cues to guide your eating

  • Approach food choices with a different mindset that is about what you need and want rather than what is 'allowed'

  • Eat whatever you want rather than experiencing the rigidity of a healthy eating plan

  • Find Food Freedom and Body Acceptance

Lisa's One to One coaching

Photo of Lisa and client in Bristol Coffee Shop during positive body image coaching session

Would you would like some One to One time with me in order to explore your particular circumstances at a deeper level?

My Body Positive Coaching is not therapy, so it's not suitable if you have an ongoing Eating Disorder. It's aimed at women who know they are ready to change,  who know they want to give up dieting and find a more peaceful place with food and themselves. 

My One to One coaching is available as two packages. Either a 3 month package or a 6 month package. I am flexible though, so feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements. 

Here are your coaching options:


Free, no obligation, 30 minute discovery call

A Discovery Call is where we can connect via Skype and see if we can work together. You'll have the opportunity to chat with me and discover how my approach can help you.


Mindful Eating Masterplan

  • Want a one off session to get you started?

  • 90 minutes with Lisa

  • Short survey before the session with results

  • FREE Write up of session afterwards

  • Your Mindful Eating tips to focus on

  • Only £199


3 months coaching

  • One to One coaching and support

  • 9 sessions of (45-60 mins) equal to 9.5 hours coaching time

  • 3 month package is £649 or 3 payments of £225


6 months coaching

  • One to One coaching and support

  • 15 sessions of (45-60 mins) equal to 16 hours coaching time

  • 6 month package is £999 or 6 payments of £175


*One to one coaching may be conducted face to face, via Skype, or via the telephone. Sessions can be held at my office in Bristol.
I am happy to travel to clients homes within a 10 mile radius of my office but will charge an additional £1 per mile each way.

What’s included in your coaching?

One to one Coaching in this area offers a real opportunity to address your food related issues for good! 

We look at your relationship with food and your history of dieting/overeating and explore your current patterns and habits are so we can unpick what is behind your eating behaviour.  

I help you make your own connections and learn how to listen to your body so you can meet your needs more effectively, whether this is for food or for something else. 

You will learn how to be the expert in yourself, rather than needing to follow a diet sheet for evermore!

You'll also get:

  • Personal support from Lisa between sessions

  • Downloadable documents with content and things to think about between sessions (if being coached via Skype)

  • Access to the Secret Facebook group for current and past participants of My Body Positive workshops/coaching

  • Liberation from living with diet mentality and being able to find more headspace, once food becomes less of an issue.


Send Lisa a Message and take the first step towards guilt free eating.

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Keeping in touch with Lisa
Black and white photo of Lisa and client in Bristol Coffee Shop during positive body image coaching session

"I loved the 1 to 1 coaching (Lisa) gave me! I have not stepped on the scales and have a lot more confidence and self love!! Thank you for the freedom I now enjoy!!"

- Elizabeth, Bristol