My Body Positive

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My Body Positive

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I want you to feel good about yourself and your body!   

‘My Body Positive’ started because I discovered that you don’t need to diet in order to feel happy about yourself.  When I realised this, I just had to share it!

In order to feel good, you need to ditch the diet and change the way you think……

I can help YoU learn to STop dieting, and find freedom around food.

Imagine no longer worrying and obsessing about what you eat. Just making your decisions based on what your body NEEDS with no guilt and no self loathing. This might feel impossible at the moment but it can be done. I'm living proof!


Ditch the diet

"My diet/over eating cycle had been going on for 20 years & I finally got to the point of wanting to change. I met Lisa, attended her course & all I can say is it was AMAZING! Food is no longer the enemy, I no longer over eat & I am mindful about when I am really hungry. Lisa guides you through with clarity, understanding & sensitivity - can't recommend Lisa & the course enough!."

- Amanda 


From the blog

  • Don't waste your life hating your body
    — Lisa Beasley
  • Your body is a vehicle not an ornament
    — Taryn Brumfitt
  • Losing weight does not cure negative Body Image
    — The Body Image Movement
  • Life is too short to be obsessing about food or about what your arms look like in a sleeveless top!
    — Lisa Beasley

Group Workshop Dates

Bristol dates:

Thursday 22nd February 7 - 9pm for 8 weeks


Sounds great! 

What are my options?


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